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Singapore Waterfront Master Plan

The Waterfront at the Downtown at Marina Bay affords the opportunity to re-imagine what it means to inhabit the waterfront of this Garden City. How can a strategy be developed to produce a cohesive identity for Marina Bay, while responding to the diverse urban districts along its edges? Our team’s integration of landscape architecture, urban design, architecture and engineering can produce a visionary response to this challenging site. In our approach, we imagine a “necklace” of public space around Marina Bay, linked by a continuous promenade and punctuated by public venues and cultural icons.

The “necklace” concept provides a flexible approach to development that can accommodate a diverse program within the overall identity of this district. The Waterfront program can evolve over time according to the needs of the city and its residents as program elements are added to the necklace, or subtracted from it. The success of this strategy is never dependent on just one project, but instead allows for a richness and diversity of spaces and venues encircling the waterfront. Each different space or cultural attraction contributes to the creation of the Waterfront at the Downtown as a whole.

We believe this approach is invaluable to the City of Singapore as it seeks to develop a new extension to the Garden City. Our project team brings extensive world-wide experience in the realms of urban design, landscape design, architecture and engineering to an important collaborative process with the Singapore Urban Redevelopment Authority.







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