Frederic Schwartz Architects


New York, New York

Pier 92-94 Convention Center

Working with the current operator of Piers 92 & 94, Port Parties Ltd., Frederic Schwartz Architects designed a three-phase development plan for the renovation and expansion of the piers into a dedicated trade show/convention center facility. Each phase carefully considers issues including the current pier renovations, community concerns, market demands, and existing facility conditions. Our team committed significant resources to address the concerns of the neighboring community in each phase of the project. Specifically, we worked to achieve better waterfront access, integration with Clinton Cove Park, additional outdoor public space and amenities, a new indoor “Winter Garden,” improved pedestrian circulation and a new 54th Street view corridor. The Show Piers complex establishes a distinctive physical presence that combines the capacity and service of a 21st century convention facility, the sustainable design of a responsible “green” building complex, and the inviting accessibility and amenities of a waterfront community ‘town square.’ The balanced approach of our development plan will help establish the Show Piers as an iconic destination venue for exhibitions and conventions in New York City.







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