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Oslo, Norway

Oslo Ski Jump

Like a soaring jumper leaning forward, flight, speed and motion inspired our design. For 110 years, the Holmenkollbakken has served as a symbol of tradition and sport for Norway and a landmark. Building upon its iconic form with the integration of an expanded program, the design adds a new chapter to the sport’s history while enhancing its important profile in Oslo and Norway. A new program offers an opportunity to transform the current design into a fluid, aerodynamic concept.

Rising above the trees, the top of the jump suggests an infinite curving line in the sky, frozen in motion. The striking 62-meter profile offers a new landmark by day and a beacon for the city at night. When seen from Oslo and the fjord, there will be a renewed sense of pride and ownership for the capital of winter sports.

The new Hollmenkollbakken strategically balances the technical requirements of the program and structural support with the poetry of flight. Within an exciting environment that celebrates the sport, the new design anticipates the “Holmenkoll-roar” and welcomes 50,000+ ski jumping enthusiasts from near and far in their collective effort to lift their favorite jumper on his or her remarkable flight.

Our goal was to accentuate the silhouette of the concrete jump rising in the sky by dematerializing its structural support and functional and circulation components (elevators/egress stairs). Glass and stainless steel cladding introduce transparency and reflectivity to the expanded program. New technologies (carbon-reinforced steel and structural glazing) maximize the poetic tectonics of the facility and its programming for cultural activities and spectacular sporting events.

The slope’s curvature, wind protection and spectator’s facilities are reconfigured and reimagined for the modern ski jump. A new adjustable wind protector carries a sculptural quality into the stadium and provides sun shading for the knoll building which has been enclosed in glass.

Suspended, like the forward flight of a ski jumper, the restaurant on the lower level offers panoramic views of the jump site with the city and fjord in the background. The new landing area with stands, commentator’s boxes and judge’s tower and will provide excellent viewing conditions so that everyone can enjoy the thrill and excitement of the ski jumpers’ progression from inrun through flight to landing.

Oslo Ski Jump


Oslo Ski Jump

Oslo Ski Jump







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